Como quemar Juegos de PS1 para PS3 con multiMAN

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15 pensamientos sobre “Como quemar Juegos de PS1 para PS3 con multiMAN

  1. Call of Duty is a carbon copy of Wolfenstein 3D >:O
    And lets not forget, Forza is a blatent rip off of Mario Kart!!
    These developers need to create a new genre everytime they make a game!!

  2. No it’s not. You may look at it as «Wow why would I buy this? This is just a ripoff! This is going to be like SSB or DTWF!» But no sony always goes above and beyond to their t.v’s to their computers to their consles like the Vita or Ps3 but one thing we no about sony is that they don’t copy… Besides this game beats the other games like Smash Bros by far

  3. Facepalm! Wow, 2 months and this comment is still confusing people like you huh? Oh well some people got it. Click my channel for a ton of PS Alstars Gameplay, and click Merriam-Websters Dictionary for the definition of sarcasm.

  4. If you aren’t an hardcore playstation fan it isn’t worth it. Unlike the battle gameplay and the stages it’s all very undeveloped and it ends in 1 dayif you can’t play with friends

  5. Sony copied Nintendo? So what? Should we cancel PES because they copied FIFA, Splinter Cell because of MGS, Medal of Honor because of Doom, Tekken because of SF…?

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