GameSpot Reviews – The Sims Medieval Review (PC)

GameSpot Reviews - The Sims Medieval Review (PC)

Read the full review: Playing The Sims Medieval is like looking at your neighbor’s vacation slides: You’re hearing about someone else’s grand adventure rather than having one of your own.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 pensamientos sobre “GameSpot Reviews – The Sims Medieval Review (PC)

  1. I wouldn’t really mind having the occasional quest in this game if they weren’t repeated over and over again. Also, what’s up with the Sims never aging and dying of natural causes?! That sucked out a whole ton of fun for me.

  2. I also agree with the reviewer. I like that they went for a new direction with this game, but they kind of forgot that we play sims for the freedom. Isn’t that the motto? Play with life. Not play a little and if you play too much fail the game or ambition.

  3. What’s with EA ruining it’s games?! They order you to pay money for a game you already paid full price from, they released Day 1 DLC, hell, even the build option from Sims Medieval was forgotten! I’m never going to buy a game from EA again.. never ever ever ever again!

  4. I like this better than the regular Sims games. I really don’t like micro-managing a Sim to make sure they shit, shower, clean up etc. This is way more interesting :]

  5. I love the medieval theme, I hope the Sims 3 series includes it in its new expansions. But The Sims Medieval got really repetitive for me fast, and there’s little replay value because you just realise you are doing all the same things again.

  6. the only thing i dont like about is that um it says that we are «god» aka watcher and that makes me a little uncomfortable since i am a christian and the witch i dont mind it rlly casting spells even though its not good but i also dont like the casting out demons thats not cool but i guess i have to accept that since it is after all medieval times im getting this game anyway…

  7. Well if we are talking about Sim games that’s not in the main lets just say story line I would say the Sims castaway was the best the only thing I didn’t like about it is that it was to sort and that’s it 8/10

  8. Wait a minute you want it not to be turn based? control multiple characters and not be turn based?! if one of you*re characters were pretty low on health and you wanted someone to save him right? you would run you*re guy in there and what would then happend? by that time the guy that you were trying to save would most likely be DEAD thats just one of the damn reasons and im running our of characters so i cant type more reasons (dammit) if you want me to give you more ill be happy to do it

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  10. at least you downloaded it.
    i bought it, given 1 day of venture i already assume this game is shit.
    why are steam sales always so tempting..

  11. Just last night I was playing Retro Xcom on a terror mission, I got an alien tank (I think that’s the cyber disk you’re talking about. >.<) outside of my Skyranger and it killed all of my squad except one guy who died from a reflex shot from a Sectoid after stepping out. D:

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