GS News – GTAV PC petition nets 50000 signatures

By the thousands, fans call on Rockstar Games to bring open-world action game to PC platform. Stay up to date by subscribing to GameSpot news! Read the full article at Visit our other channels: Gameplay & Guides – Trailers – MLG, NASL & eSports – Mobile Gaming – Like – Follow – Stream Live –
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19 pensamientos sobre “GS News – GTAV PC petition nets 50000 signatures

  1. actually u need to chip ur console and have the right drive burners to illegally download gta V for console.. as for pc u only need software.. yes gta V will be pirated on console.. but not even as close as pc.. pc is one big prate machine.. and its very easy to download free stuff

  2. @ThePhenomenal1x-hey xbox 360 and ps3 games are also pirated…..u cant say that only pc games are pirated and download for free…i knw u will also download the pirated version u dumb ass…

  3. This petition doesn’t mean shit, Rockstar will still do whatever the fuck they want.
    And what they want is probably like all other GTAs …A PC port that comes out about 6 months later.

  4. Do these retards realize they will get their game anyway? Do they remember GTA IV? Took like an extra year but if thats what R* needed…thats what they needed…end of story…dont push them…because when that happens things get hectic and fucked up…

  5. But see you’re generalising an entire community once again, I don’t think your entire point is silly, just the fact you think every PC is demanding exclusives, atleast reference some source material to back up these ludicrous claims? I also question the use of the term ‘our exclusives’? When did this become some kind of faction war? A game is a game, have you sworn your allegiance to Microsoft or something? If this discussion is pointless then, logically, don’t respond.

  6. I think you all are missing the point of this petition. I am a PC gamer, and a console gamer, and if you actually cared enough to find out, you would discover that so is the person that made this petition.

    His point isn’t that it WON’T be coming out on PC, it’s more that we don’t want it to be halfheartedly ported to PC the way GTA IV was.

    I’m not saying you should care about it and sign it if you don’t plan on getting it, I’m just saying stop being so venomous about it.

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